Medium pressure centrifugal blower use matters needing attention

- Dec 30, 2017-

The main components of the medium pressure centrifugal blower include a fan bracket, an air inlet, an air outlet, an impeller, a casing, a transmission part and the like. In different situations, the application of medium pressure centrifugal blower effect is not the same, only to ensure that the device is completely normal case can run. Generally outside the impeller will be covered with a mechanical shell, the center of the impeller for the air inlet.


After the medium pressure centrifugal blower enters the working state, under the action of the power system, the impeller can be driven to rotate so as to inhale the air from the air inlet. During the rotation of the blade will exert a certain force on the gas, so that gas pressure and speed is improved. Then, under the action of centrifugal force, these gases will be discharged from the exhaust port along the airway.


It should be noted that the device during operation, although to a certain extent, can increase the gas pressure and speed, but a variety of small changes in gas, so in the design and use of medium pressure centrifugal blower is usually Gas is handled as an incompressible fluid. And the equipment for the gas processing is usually done in the same radial plane, it is also often called radial flow medium pressure fan.


In addition before the test machine, staff need to carefully read in advance on the medium-pressure centrifugal blower manual, and to see whether the wiring method in line with the wiring diagram, check the supply fan power supply voltage is required, the power phase is missing or in phase , The distribution of components with the capacity to meet the requirements, to ensure that no abnormalities. The company is located in:


In general, the application of medium pressure centrifugal blowers in the industrial field is still considerable. It is often used in a variety of recycling equipment, kitchen equipment, industrial machinery, food machinery, chemical machinery and other fields to meet the ventilation requirements.