Medium Pressure Blower Fan Maintenance

- Apr 19, 2018-

Among the performance parameters of the medium-pressure blower fan during its operation, the more important ones are the pressure, the delivered power, and the flow of the gas. The medium-pressure blower is, to some extent, a concern in the selection process.

The parameters of the gas flow rate of the medium-pressure blower fan effectively represent the volume of gas that can be processed by the fan in a unit of time. The pressure of the equipment mainly refers to the requirements of the internal gas pressure during the work process. .

The efficiency of the medium-pressure blower fan is about 90% of the total pressure efficiency of the centrifugal fan between the shaft power of the fan and the effective power of the actual processing gas in the process of operation, and in the future development of the centrifugal fan, The efficiency value will be one of the goals pursued by researchers.

Medium pressure blower fan maintenance

In the process of using, the medium pressure blower needs to pay attention to the dust on the surface of the cleaning fan effectively, effectively inspect the cleaning bearings to a certain extent, and effectively fasten the bolts of various parts to a certain extent, and the equipment effectively inspects the bolts. Into the outlet, adjust the tightness of the V-belt and check the lubrication area, replace the oil and seal.

Medium pressure blower precautions

1. When operating the medium-pressure blower, if it is found that the flow rate is too large, it does not meet the use requirements to a certain extent, or it needs a small flow rate in a short time, so that the throttling device can be used to a certain extent. Effective adjustment.

2. The medium pressure blower, to a certain extent, periodically checks the sensitivity of its thermometer and oil standard, and should effectively control the oil level of the bearing housing within the specified allowable range during the operation.

3. In the process of driving, parking or running the fan, if any abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be checked immediately.

4. For minor faults discovered during the inspection, the cause should be identified in a timely manner and managed to eliminate or deal with it. If minor faults cannot be eliminated, or if major faults are discovered, inspections should be conducted immediately.