Material conveying fan's conveying characteristics and practical use

- May 29, 2018-

Material conveying fan is a blower powered by pneumatic force, which has the advantages of clean, oil-free, air-free, and more environmentally friendly. At present, there are many material conveyor blowers on the market, which can be selected in accordance with customer requirements; transport distance, conveying height, the diameter of the pipe conveying sawdust, the amount of transport per hour; to select the right power and machine type.


Diversified types and excellent performance can make the material conveying fan be widely used in wood processing enterprises, such as man-made board factories, manufacturing plants, furniture factories and other similar units, which can rely on wind power to disperse wood and bamboo. The crushed material is sent from A to B.


The material conveying fan can be made into two types: right rotation and left rotation. The forward view of the fan from the drive group, such as the clockwise rotation of the impeller, is called the right rotation and the right rotation; the counterclockwise rotation is called the left rotation, and the left is the rotation of the fan. The position is represented by the outlet angle of the casing; the left and right can be made into 3 angles of 0, 90, and 180 degrees.


Compared with ordinary wind turbines, the biggest feature of the material conveying fan is that large pieces of wood and large blocks of wood are unobstructed when passing through the fan, thus overcoming the problems of card and plugging when using other fans in the system. It has reasonable structure and consideration, reliable and stable operation, high efficiency, adaptability to working conditions, low noise and easy maintenance. It is an indispensable special equipment for wood, bamboo utensils, furniture, plywood factory, compression board factory and other units.


The material conveying fan has both blow and suction functions. It can be used for both air and air blow. Since it uses less oil or no oil, the air output from the equipment is Clean; and the shell is a one-piece die-casting, and the use of shock-proof mounting feet, then its requirements for the installation of the foundation is very low, even without the fixed foot can be normal operation, very convenient, but also very save the installation Cost and installation cycle.


Material conveying fan produces centrifugal force of the fan blade, adopts two front-facing multi-blade, one-time molding of the mold, high-quality dynamic balance of the computer, extremely low vibration, stable wind, low noise, resistance to certain frictional impact force, and long service life. In addition, there is a built-in side suction port for the drainage side plate, which can generate large negative pressure suction force in conjunction with the fan blade, making the self-priming and feeding more stable.