Maintenance of FFU centrifugal fan

- Nov 16, 2019-

Focus on the development of the purification industry, supply FFU, clean shed, today introduce the maintenance of FFU, I hope to help everyone.


Does the FFU centrifugal fan need maintenance? FFU centrifugal fan is a necessary purification equipment for high-grade clean room air filtration, such as 100-10000 class clean room, it is a self-powered purification unit. Daily maintenance and maintenance can greatly extend the service life of the FFU, reduce unnecessary waste of funds, and the maintenance cycle can be divided into quarterly maintenance and annual maintenance!

FFU centrifugal fan definition of a small amount of maintenance: Under normal circumstances, according to the number of less than 150 units and AC FFU, a small number, for this type of customer, the maintenance rules are as follows:

1. Check if the screws around the wind ring of the FFU centrifugal fan are tight and the pedals are deformed?

2. Is the FFU centrifugal fan speed control device able to operate normally, and is it fastened to the chassis?

3. High-efficiency filter under the FFU centrifugal fan, whether the surface of the wind surface is clean, if there is instrument to detect the surface wind speed and filtration efficiency of the FFU

Detection specification: 9 points positioning (1 row of 3 points) is set for the high-efficiency filter outlet surface, and the anemometer collects the wind speed value at 1.2-1.5m below the FFU to check the point wind speed difference.