Main performance and advantages of Fan for Air Purifier

- Mar 20, 2019-

The Fan for Air Purifier is a new type of household appliance. It has the functions of stable regulation, automatic detection of smoke, filtering out dust, eliminating odor and harmful gases, double sterilization, and releasing negative ions. Air purifiers are often composed of high-voltage generating circuits such as negative ion generators, micro-fans, and air filters. Its working principle is as follows: the micro-fan in the machine circulates indoor air, and the polluted air passes through the air filter in the machine (two times of filtration) to remove or adsorb various pollutants, and then passes through the negative ions installed in the air outlet. The generator (the high-voltage generating circuit in the negative ion generator generates DC negative high voltage during operation), continuously ionizes the air, generates a large amount of negative ions, and is sent by the micro fan to form a negative ion airflow, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning and purifying the air.

The air purifier fan can be hung directly on the wall when it is used. It is very suitable for residential houses and small and medium-sized offices when it is used. The shape pays attention to the interior decoration. Most of the colors are cool and intermediate colors, simple and beautiful. The main performance is: photoelectric sensor and remote control technology, easy to operate desktop, wall dual-use three-speed speed control, suction dust collection operation noise is low.

The air outlet of the air purifier fan is separated from left to right, and the three channels are out of the air, which is convenient for forming a good circulating airflow. For example, it is better combined with an air conditioner. The design of the whole equipment adopts thin type, box structure, hangable and wall hanging, which is suitable for ordinary shops, offices and other places.


The main performance is:

1.With a variety of functions, strong deodorization effect.

2. Three-speed speed control, low noise in suction dust collection.

3. It is available for multi-unit centralized control of ceiling type.