Main Features of Air Purifier Centrifugal Fan

- Apr 17, 2018-

During the operation of the air purifier centrifugal fan, the temperature rise of the motor is low, so that the reliability and service life of the fan can be effectively extended to a certain extent. The overall structure of the centrifugal fan of the air purifier is compact and the air volume is large. To a certain extent, it will have the advantages of low vibration, low noise and high static pressure.

The air purifier centrifugal fan is mainly used for purifying the work table, purifying the air conditioning system, purifying the unit, dedusting the indoor pipeline, and supporting the use of refrigeration equipment such as environmental protection and pollution control. Use environment: Ambient temperature: -25 °C ~ +55 °C Altitude: ≤ 2500m Relative humidity: ≤ 90% RH (25 °C).

The air purifier centrifugal fan mainly uses its filtering technology in the process of production. In simple terms, it is a fan + filter combination. Under certain circumstances, the micro fan in the machine stirs the indoor air in the fan. Under the effect, it will effectively adsorb the particulate matter in the air on the filter net.

Air purifier centrifugal fan will reduce the particulate matter in the air to a certain extent, so that the purpose of cleaning the indoor air can be achieved to some extent. It can be seen that the key of the air purifier is the filter and the fan. The difference in quality of most products depends on the number of layers, materials, and fan quality.

Centrifugal fans of air purifiers are very important for the correct selection of their fans in general. When operating, a powerful air purifier will often have a thick layer of activated carbon, a multilayer nonwoven filter, The resistance created by these filters is not a challenge for the fan performance.