Low noise centrifugal blower operating requirements and lubrication requirements

- Nov 28, 2018-

The low noise centrifugal blower is compact in structure, beautiful in appearance and good in stability. It is very convenient during installation and maintenance. The low-noise centrifugal blower runs smoothly, and its optimized design of the impeller can reduce the axial force. To the lowest degree, and with efficient impeller, and static and dynamic balance correction, the whole machine runs smoothly, without any damping device, the bearing amplitude is ≤0.04mm.

The low-noise centrifugal blower operates without any mechanical friction, and uses reasonable blade-shaped lines to minimize sound during operation. The noise generated by the centrifugal blower is high-frequency noise. As long as there are obstacles, it can be sound-proof, so there is almost no noise outside the fan room.

The low-noise centrifugal blower bearing is lubricated with grease and has a bearing life of more than three years. The fan does not produce oil and gas during operation. Special requirements fan, lubricated with molybdenum disulfide lithium grease. The impeller adopts a special composite line shape, which reduces internal leakage and improves volumetric efficiency.