Lantin fan is green and promotes sustainable development

- Nov 10, 2018-

With the increasingly serious problem of human living environment pollution, the international community is increasingly demanding environmental protection, and environmental protection has become a green passport for enterprises to enter the international market. Wuxi Lantian Special Fan Co., Ltd. takes care of the quality of its products and practices the pursuit of brand value. At the same time, it establishes the concept of “environmental management” and strengthens its commitment to environmental protection. In accordance with international practice, ISO14001 environmental management system standards, from the actual, clear the company's environmental policy, identify, evaluate and control major environmental factors, and develop specific feasible targets, indicators and management plans.

Comply with laws and regulations to reduce environmental pollution;

Caring for employee health and strengthening education and training;

Safe and civilized production, improve management performance.

Wuxi Lantian Special Fan Co., Ltd. is committed to comply with relevant national laws and regulations and their corresponding provisions and effectively use it; strengthen internal management, training and education, mobilize all employees, enhance environmental awareness, have environmental knowledge, improve relevant skills; discharge and recycle waste Effective management and control; formulation of emergency plans and response measures; regular environmental factors monitoring and evaluation in October each year, in line with national standards; effective communication and full understanding of environmental factors in the activities of suppliers and other related parties. In addition, Lantin Fan actively carries out daily inspections, regular internal audits and management review activities to ensure that the company's ISO14001 environmental management system continues to be effective.


Lantian Fan starts from product design, clean production, reduce pollution, reduce resource consumption. The company will continue to improve, standardize environmental behavior, provide green products for the market, and become a well-known brand green enterprise that customers can trust. Contact number: 18851570668/13812548129