Lantian Fan is 'people-oriented', caring for employees' occupational health and safety

- Nov 08, 2018-

Lantian Fan fully implements quality management system and comprehensive management system of environmental management system.

The core of enterprise development is human development. Lantian Fan focuses on the happy life of employees, people-oriented, humanistic care, providing employees with a comfortable, safe and healthy working environment, truly implementing the protection of the labor force, preventing employees from being hurt at work, active and preventive. The management system is essential. In accordance with the requirements of national standards, the company will proceed from the actual situation, clarify the company's occupational health and safety policy, identify and evaluate major hazard sources, and formulate quantitative feasibility targets, indicators and management plans to implement.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

Caring for employee health and strengthening education and training;

Safe and civilized production, improve management performance.

Lantian Fan is committed to comply with national laws and regulations and other requirements and effectively use it; comprehensively implement, continuously strengthen, improve the process, and achieve corporate policies and goals.

The Lantian Fan will always have an occupational health and safety management system throughout the entire production process. It is the company's obligation to ensure the occupational health and safety of every Blue Sky employee. Responsibility is more important than Taishan. There is only a starting point and no end. The company will work together with all employees of Lantian Fan to develop occupational health and create a better future!