It is very convenient to replace the FFU fan. It is possible to configure the high efficiency filter

- Oct 23, 2019-

The company that manufactures FFU wind turbines has a team of professional team engaged in product development and after-sales service, with complete technology, tooling, testing equipment and quality management system.


All products are produced at reasonable prices and excellent products, providing customers with superior products and after-sales service. We abide by the business philosophy of relying on science and technology and surviving on quality to help enterprises improve product quality. Exquisite professional manufacturing experience and perfect after-sales service have become the leader in the precision testing equipment industry.


The FFU fan is made of cold-rolled steel plate sprayed or made of stainless steel. The FFU fan is compact and sturdy in structure and beautiful in appearance. It is suitable for assembly into a super-clean production line, which can be used as a single unit according to the process arrangement, or multiple units can be connected in series to form a 100-stage flow assembly line. Equipped with a high efficiency filter, it is extremely convenient to replace.


The FFU fan adopts a direct-drive high-efficiency centrifugal fan, which has long life, low noise, maintenance-free, low vibration and adjustable speed.


FFU fans have been developed and manufactured by our strong team that has been cultivated for a long time. The high quality products produced are the guarantee of the quality of the company. In addition to the research on the FFU fan, the company is also the first to build a wind shower fan, we sincerely look forward to your call to consult.