Installation requirements and vibration of plastic centrifugal fan blade

- Dec 08, 2018-

The plastic centrifugal fan blade has the characteristics of chemical corrosion resistance, insulation, small specific gravity, stable vibration, energy saving, low noise, no rust, etc. The plastic centrifugal fan blade is made of polypropylene raw material, and the applicable gas medium must meet the corrosion resistance requirement of polypropylene. The gas does not contain viscous substances and particulate matter. The temperature is between 10 °C and 120 °C to avoid sun exposure. There should be no heat source near the site.

When the plastic centrifugal fan blade is installed, it is required that the horizontal position must be fixed with the foot bolts, so that it can effectively prevent the vibration and timely remove any debris in the casing. In operation, the impeller can be manually moved to ensure no Any collision phenomenon. Install the inlet and outlet air ducts should be elastically connected and adjusted to a natural fit, and must not be forced to connect to prevent resonance.

When the plastic centrifugal fan blade is installed, the weight of the gas pipeline should not be pressurized on the fan, so that the deformation and damage of the casing can be avoided. The air inlet valve should be closed before starting to confirm whether the running direction is correct. After the fan is running, the air inlet valve can be slowly opened until the specified working condition is reached. It is confirmed that the motor current is normal before it can be officially operated.