Installation requirements and commissioning of variable frequency motor cooling fan

- Nov 24, 2018-

The inverter motor cooling fan should be checked before installation to see if it is damaged or deformed due to packaging transportation. If it is damaged or deformed, it should be repaired and installed. Then check whether the parts and screws are loose, whether the blades and the air cylinders collide or shift between each other. If they touch or shift, they should be adjusted before installation.

After the inverter motor cooling fan is installed, it should be tested. After the fan is running normally, it can be used online. When the fan is put into use for a long time, the fan should be checked and tested without abnormality before online. use.

After the installation of the variable frequency motor cooling fan, the wiring should be sealed to prevent the short circuit from burning the motor. During the handling process, care should be taken to handle it gently and in accordance with the signs and requirements of the package. Do not invert and stand.