Installation requirements and bolting connections for industrial boiler ID fan

- Jul 31, 2018-

After the installation of the industrial boiler induced draft fan, it is necessary to use the hand or the lever to move the rotor to check if there is any phenomenon of over-tightening or collision. In the absence of these phenomena, the test can be turned. When the outlet is installed at an angle, the rear disc rotates properly to keep the card in a horizontal position, and the No8 to 12 angle steel flange surface should be horizontal.

When the industrial boiler ID fan is installed, the weight of the gas pipeline should not be added to the casing. It needs to be effectively corrected according to its drawings. The gap between the air inlet and the impeller needs to effectively maintain the horizontal position of the shaft.

When the industrial boiler ID fan is installed in the air inlet pipe, it can be directly connected by the bolt of the air inlet itself. At this time, the air inlet is fixed by three countersunk screws.

In the process of installation, the industrial boiler induced draft fan needs to use its dial gauge and the ruler to measure the coaxiality of the fan main shaft and the motor shaft and the non-parallelism of the two end faces of the coupling. The two-axis non-parallelism tolerance is 0.05 mm. The non-parallelism tolerance at both ends of the coupling is 0.1 mm. After the boiler induced draft fan motor is installed, install the pulley or the coupling guard. If the intake pipe is not connected to the intake pipe, you need to add a protective net or other safety device (user-supplied).