Installation location and process layout of Boiler centrifugal induced draft blower

- Jul 12, 2018-

During the operation of the Boiler centrifugal induced draft blower, when the impeller is rotated by the motor, the gas filled between the blades to some extent will rotate with the impeller. Under the action of centrifugal force, the gas flows from the inter-blade channel. Squeeze out and transport the gas out of the impeller outlet. When the outflow of gas causes a vacuum in the impeller space, the external gas will automatically enter the impeller to replenish.


The centrifugal blower of the boiler is operated to some extent by the fan, so that the gas can be directly sucked in and out, thus forming a continuous flow of gas, thus forming a continuous operation, and the fan is driven from the fan. There is no difference in terms of angle. The motor is driven by the fan to rotate the fan to generate wind. Although it is more complicated than the fan, there is no difference in essence.


The function of the blower fan of the centrifugal blower of the boiler is determined by the location where they are installed. The former is located at the rear end of the boiler and blows air to the flue outside the boiler, which generates a negative pressure on the furnace and guides the smoke. It is called the induced draft fan; the latter is located at the front end of the boiler and blows air into the boiler, so it is called the blower.


The centrifugal blower of the boiler needs to maintain the process layout of the boiler room to a certain extent. The induction fan and the blower are effectively placed in the sound insulation room, and they are connected to the host by the ventilation pipe, at the top of the sound insulation room. Open the air inlet on the upper or wall surface, and install a muffler for the air in the machine room. When the plane is arranged, the blower is close to the side of the boiler room, the air inlet is on the windward side, and the motor is placed in the middle of the airflow passage.