Inspection and commissioning of boiler centrifugal induced draft fan

- Nov 17, 2018-

Boiler centrifugal induced draft fans are widely used for ventilation, dust extraction and cooling of their power production, factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings, ventilation and air intake of boilers and industrial furnaces. Cooling and ventilation in air conditioning equipment and household appliances, drying and selection of grain, inflation and propulsion of wind tunnel sources and hovercraft.

Inspection of boiler centrifugal induced draft fan

Before the installation, the centrifugal centrifugal fan of the boiler must check whether there are any debris inside the fan. If it appears, it needs to be removed, and the impeller should be turned. If there is any scratching, the defects must be adjusted in time.

Foundation of boiler centrifugal induced draft fan

The concrete centrifugal floor of the boiler centrifugal induced draft fan has a thickness of not less than 300mm. The surface is basically horizontal. According to the periphery of the frame, it is not less than 300mm and is about 100mm (waterproof) higher than the surrounding floor. It can carry the floor and roof of the fan.

Commissioning of boiler centrifugal induced draft fan

The boiler centrifugal induced draft fan must be closed before starting the damper, so that the fan can be started under no-load conditions. After reaching the normal speed, the damper can be gradually opened until the rated condition. The current should be strictly monitored during operation and must not exceed the rated value. After the fan is running for 20 minutes, check whether the temperature rise of the bearing housing is normal (the temperature rise should not exceed the ambient temperature of 40 °C, and the table temperature must not exceed 70 °C).