Industrial centrifugal ventilator conditions and advantages of performance analysis

- Jan 17, 2018-

Industrial centrifugal ventilator belongs to a commonly used production equipment, due to higher efficiency, which is widely used in a variety of industrial and mining plants and civil buildings, large public buildings, power plants and other places. In addition, industrial centrifugal fan can also be used as air handling facilities, hot air circulation facilities supporting equipment.


Industrial centrifugal fan use of environmental requirements:


First of all, industrial centrifugal fans have certain requirements on the medium to be transported: Normally, the medium to be delivered is generally air or other non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-viscous substances. And gas contained in the dust and hard particles content of not more than 150mg / m.


Second, industrial centrifugal fans also have certain requirements for the temperature of the conveying medium. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the medium transported by the device does not exceed 80 degrees, while increasing the cooling wheel. Fan long-term delivery of 200 ℃ below the media.


Thirdly, the user should not use the industrial centrifugal ventilator as a ventilation when it is fully closed and without air flow, otherwise negative pressure may be formed to increase the load on the motor.


Industrial centrifugal ventilator advantages:


In comparison, industrial centrifugal fans have a good ventilation effect, which can be of great help to users. In addition, the device also has strong applicability, can be used in different workplaces. During operation, the performance is stable and the operation noise is small.


In addition, industrial centrifugal ventilator have adopted advanced theories in their design process, which not only reduces noise effectively during operation, but also reduces mechanical friction and prolongs service life. Coupled with highly efficient impeller, and the balance of static and dynamic correction, the machine running smoothly, without any damping device, the bearing amplitude is relatively small.


And in daily use, industrial centrifugal fan maintenance less, can save a lot of time, and the maintenance process is relatively simple. In addition, industrial centrifugal fan housing is strong, not easily corroded.