Industrial centrifugal blowers properties and installation, commissioning and operation

- Feb 21, 2019-

Centrifugal blower, if it is used in industrial or industrial applications, it can be called industrial centrifugal blower, and it can be known that it has certain limitations in use, not as extensive as ordinary centrifugal blowers, so It is necessary to familiarize and understand, so that the industrial centrifugal blower can be used correctly and reasonably.

1. Industrial centrifugal blowers, is it an industrial fan?
Industrial centrifugal blower, from a professional point of view, it belongs to industrial wind turbines, because it is a specific type of industrial wind turbines, and industrial wind turbines, which are specifically used in tunnels, underground garages, high-end civil buildings, metallurgy, factories and mines, etc. A type of fan that ventilates and vents high-temperature smoke is composed of an impeller, a casing, an inlet current collector, a baffle, and an electric motor. In terms of characteristics, it is uniform and reasonable for the cloth, can achieve efficient heat transfer and is simple and convenient to operate.

2. Installation and commissioning of industrial centrifugal blower
(1) The installation site should be prepared, and there must be enough installation space in the site to smoothly perform ventilation and other operations. The floor of the base should be flat and solid, and it should not be uneven.
(2) The fan should be inspected for each component before installation. Whether the machine is complete and complete, whether the impeller is complete and flexible, whether there is friction between the blade and the wall, whether the blade is installed firmly and whether there is damage, if any The problem should be solved in a timely manner, without delay, and it is strictly forbidden to work with the fan.
(3) For the installation of the fan, the specified requirements should be strictly enforced to avoid erroneous installation. Connect the components securely with bolts. Connect the power cord and the temperature measuring instrument line according to the motor manual.
(4) It is necessary to correctly and standardize the lubrication of the fan, and there is no missing part of the lubrication part.
(5) If there is no problem with the various parts of the fan and the overall inspection, the test operation can be carried out to check if there is any problem.

3. Operation of industrial centrifugal blowers
(1) Before the industrial centrifugal blower starts, check the work to check whether there is any foreign matter in the flow path to prevent the impeller from being damaged or damaged by the foreign object collision.
(2) Read the fan start and motor manual, start and operate according to the requirements, and start the fan according to the principle of first level and second level, adjust the rotation direction to ensure the normal operation and work of the fan.
(3) The fan should be observed in time after starting. When it is in normal operation, it should be observed in time. Whether the current of the motor exceeds the rated current, whether there is abnormal noise in the fan runner, and the fault should be solved in time, and then after the fault is eliminated. The fan can enter normal operation. In addition, the relevant records should be made during the operation of the fan, mainly to record the operation of the fan, not sloppy.