Industrial Boiler Induced Draft Fan Principle and Application

- Jan 16, 2018-

The so-called industrial boiler Fan, in fact, belongs to a driven fluid equipment. During operation, the mechanical energy provided by the motor is mainly used to increase gas pressure and achieve gas delivery. In fact, the working principle of the industrial boiler draft fan is similar to that of a turbine compressor, except that the gas flow rate is relatively low and the pressure does not change much. Generally, there is no need to consider the change of the specific volume of the gas.


For example, in a large domestic large power plant, the main industrial boiler ID fan includes a vane adjustable and a vane adjustable axial fan. The utility model mainly utilizes the lifting force generated by the rotation of the impeller, and introduces the flue gas in the boiler axially into the desulfurization island or the chimney. So far, the device has been used universally in places such as power generation, factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings for ventilation, drainage and cooling.


Not only that, industrial boiler ID fan is also often used in the boiler and industrial furnace ventilation or induced draft and so on. So, during the installation and commissioning process, should pay attention to what the problem?


First, before installing, you must first conduct a series of inspections on industrial boiler draft fans. Mainly to see if fan debris inside, if any, then be cleared. At the same time also manually dial impeller, whether scratch phenomenon, found that the wrong place must be promptly adjusted intact. In addition, also pay attention to the foundation, the thickness of the foundation usually not less than 300 mm, and to ensure that the surface is basically horizontal, can carry the fan floor weight, roofing.


Next, after confirming that the inspection is good, test the industrial boiler ID fan. Remember, before turning on the fan, you should first turn off the air valve so that it starts under no-load conditions. After reaching the normal speed, you can gradually open the air valve until the rated condition.


In addition to the above, during the use of industrial boiler draft fan, the user should do the appropriate maintenance and repair work. Before performing maintenance, be sure to cut off the power supply, combined with the use of industrial boiler induced draft fan, proper lubrication care.