Improvement Requirements for Plastic Impeller Centrifugal Fan

- Apr 10, 2018-

In the process of design, the plastic impeller centrifugal fan effectively includes its hub and multiple blades, and each blade of the centrifugal fan in the plastic impeller will have a horizontal cross section perpendicular to the centrifugal impeller in a certain degree. The profile of its plurality of transverse sections includes a variety of airfoil profiles.

Plastic impeller centrifugal winder The effective centrifugal impeller and centrifugal fan according to the present invention include a plurality of airfoil profiles by making the vanes perpendicular to the axial direction of the centrifugal impeller, so that the blades have better aerodynamic performance and reduce The impact of the airflow on the blades effectively reduces the noise during operation of the centrifugal impeller.

Improvement Requirements for Plastic Impeller Centrifugal Fan

1. The plastic impeller centrifugal fan needs to ensure the insurance interval between the air inlet and the impeller in the process of operation. The width of the new impeller is less than the width of the original impeller, so that the smooth installation can be effectively ensured, and the outer diameter of the new impeller can be ensured. ≤ The outer diameter of the original impeller.

2. The process performance of the plastic impeller centrifugal fan is to some extent better than the original impeller process function, in the process of operation must be conducive to the processing of various accessories and the assembly of the blade, wheel, wheel cover, The number of new impeller blades is less than the number of original impeller blades.

3. The plastic impeller centrifugal fan needs to meet the insurance factor necessary for its fan operation. The strength and stiffness of the impeller of the entire device need to be greater than the original impeller, and the atmosphere power performance of the new impeller fan fitted to a certain degree is better than that of the fan that assembled the original impeller. Perform specific analysis, calculations, and theoretical verifications to clarify the above requirements. To ensure the newly designed impeller's insurance reliability and atmosphere power function.