How to choose air purifier centrifugal fan

- Feb 02, 2019-

Air purifier products are basically based on filtration technology, which is simply a combination of air purifier centrifugal fan + filter. The micro-fan in the machine stirs the indoor air, and under the action of the fan, the particulate matter in the air is adsorbed on the filter net, so that the particles in the air are decremented to achieve the purpose of cleaning the indoor air.
It can be seen that the key to the air purifier is the filter and the air purifier centrifugal fan. For most products, the difference in quality depends on the number of layers, materials and fan quality. An excellent air purifier centrifugal fan must ensure that a large amount of clean air can be output under the resistance of several hundred Pa of working conditions, while generating as low a noise as possible.
At present, the airflow of the centrifugal fan of the air purifier on the market enters the fan shaft, and then the air is scooped out, and a vacuum is formed inside the fan casing to suck in the outside air. The volume and pressure are relatively large. Because it can not only overcome the huge resistance caused by high-efficiency particulate filter + activated carbon, but also can still output considerable clean air. Of course, whether you use a forward or backward centrifugal fan, you need to specially design the air duct structure to maximize its effect and produce lower noise.