High pressure centrifugal fan use details

- Aug 28, 2018-

As a common equipment in the industrial field, some unexpected situations will occur during the operation of the high pressure centrifugal fan. For example, strong vibrations may occur. It is also normal for the high-pressure centrifugal fan to generate vibration during operation. However, if a strong vibration condition occurs, the maintenance personnel must be notified at this time.


During the operation of the high pressure centrifugal fan, if there is a sudden unexpected situation, it is necessary to immediately shut down the equipment and actively take appropriate after-care measures. For example, it is found that the fan bearing temperature is significantly increased, or smoke is generated, which is often because its own temperature rises too fast. Of course, the specific condition of the bearing is required to be completed by careful inspection.


During the use of high pressure centrifugal fan equipment, it is also necessary to check whether the tank level is normal, because if the tank level is low, it will cause equipment to stop, which needs to be supplemented in time. In daily operation, it is necessary to always pay attention to the numerical change of oil pressure.