High pressure centrifugal fan selection methods and precautions

- Jan 11, 2018-

In the current situation, the application of high-pressure centrifugal fan is becoming more and more common. It has been well promoted and developed in many industries and even in the processing industries of food, feed, mineral powder, plastic, glass and ceramics. lack. This shows that since the birth of high-pressure centrifugal fan, production and life have played an important help to solve a lot of problems.


However, there are some friends in the course of the purchase, it is not clear which type of high-pressure centrifugal fan should be selected. In fact, the selection is a big problem. If the selection is not reasonable, it will not only result in waste, but also cause a lot of troubles. In general, the manufacturing enterprises are mainly based on the actual needs of the selection and parameters. As the actual situation is different, so the specific requirements of various manufacturers are not the same.


In general, the purchase process, not only to pay attention to the use of high pressure centrifugal fan environment and job requirements, taking into account its performance and quality. Which must pay attention to two important parameters, namely, air volume and total pressure of these two basic parameters. This is because, after determining these two basic parameters, basically the fan model and markings can be determined.


Then combined with the specific use of high-pressure centrifugal fan, the production process and the working environment conditions, pick out the appropriate models, and structural materials. Make sure the fan's rated flow and rated pressure meet the usage requirements and try to get close to the flow and pressure required by the process. This helps to ensure that the fan's actual work efficiency.


For example, if there are strict requirements for noise in practical workplaces, high-pressure centrifugal fans with high working efficiency and low impeller circumferential speed should be given priority to work at the highest efficiency point. In addition, according to the performance characteristics of high pressure centrifugal fan, take appropriate noise reduction and vibration reduction measures.