High pressure centrifugal fan selection

- Apr 18, 2018-

During the operation of the high-pressure centrifugal fan, to some extent, it will effectively according to their own needs of the high-pressure centrifugal fan air flow and the full pressure of these two basic parameters, so that you can determine through the high-frequency centrifugal fan due to the performance table High pressure centrifugal fan model and machine number.

High-pressure centrifugal fans need to be able to effectively understand the production of their domestic equipment and the quality of their products to a certain extent before making selections. If the types, specifications, and special product applications of high-pressure blowers are used, the development and promotion of high-pressure centrifugal fans And so on, should also fully consider the requirements of environmental protection in order to choose the best fan.

In the selection of high-pressure centrifugal fan performance chart, there are several types of high-pressure fans that can be selected under normal circumstances. Priority should be given to a higher efficiency, smaller machine number: a larger adjustment range, of course, should also be compared, Weigh the pros and cons to decide.

If the high-pressure centrifugal fan is larger than the impeller diameter of the original high-pressure fan, the starting time of the motor and the strength of the original components of the high-pressure fan must be used in order to use the original motor shaft, bearings and bearings. And the critical speed of the shaft is calculated.

When the high-voltage centrifugal fan is equipped with a motor power of less than or equal to 75 kW during the selection process, valves for start-up only may not be installed. When high-temperature flue gas or air is to be discharged and a centrifugal boiler induced draft fan is selected, a valve for starting should be provided to prevent overload during cold operation.