High-pressure centrifugal fan purchase points

- Jan 02, 2018-

At present, with the development of industry, various high pressure centrifugal fans are used more and more, and for the users, more factors need to be considered in the selection because of the complicated work. Coupled with the current market a large number of various brands of fans, so I do not know how to start. In general, in the purchase of high pressure centrifugal fan, we must note the following points:


First, we need to first understand the basic information of high pressure centrifugal fan manufacturers, such as its current strength of the scale, technical level, how the level of service. In addition, we should pay attention to examine the background of the manufacturer, historical performance and growth and so on.


Second, the main study of high pressure centrifugal fan quality, performance is stable and reliable, after-sales service is perfect, the product passed CE certification, RoSH certification, SGS certification and so on.


The third point to pay attention to shipping issues and payment methods. In short, everyone in the purchase of high-pressure centrifugal fan at least pay attention to the above points in order to prevent the purchase of low-cost but poor product quality and after-sale products. So, what are the specific steps?


As a user, be sure to specify the specific requirements of the site, mainly what kind of function is required, but also to determine the corresponding pressure-flow curve of high pressure centrifugal fan. Then according to the calculated pressure and flow, find the working curve that meets the pressure and flow at the same time above the working point on the graph, and then refer to the working curve to determine the fan model.


In general, due to the different working site conditions, so the requirements for high-pressure centrifugal fan is not the same. For example, the required pressure and flow there will be some differences, so we need to make relevant calculations. Or you can find a professional advice to ensure that the purchase of suitable high-pressure centrifugal fan.