General design requirements for boiler centrifugal induced draft blower

- Aug 23, 2018-

Boiler centrifugal induced draft blower is a new series of low-noise blowers designed to meet the needs of industrial boilers that use a variety of media and equipped with dust-eliminating devices. All the air-conditioners are equivalent and the performance can be used. Boiler centrifugal blowers are usually designed with the following conditions: volume flow, full pressure, working medium and its density (or working medium temperature), and sometimes structural requirements and special requirements.


In general, when designing a boiler centrifugal induced draft blower, the overall requirements for it include: the operating point that meets the required flow and pressure should be near the highest efficiency point; the highest efficiency value should be as large as possible, and the efficiency curve should be flat. The stable working range of the pressure curve should be wide; the fan structure is simple and the processability is good; the materials and accessories are convenient to select.


Moreover, the designed centrifugal blower of the boiler has sufficient strength and stable and reliable working performance. Moreover, the running noise is small and the scope of application is wide. At the same time, the size of the fan is as small as possible and the weight is light; the operation and maintenance are convenient, and the disassembly and transportation is simple and easy.