Frequency control motor fan has low noise and easy installation

- Oct 31, 2018-

The frequency control motor fan is used as its independent heat dissipation source during operation. It can effectively provide two voltage levels of 380V and 220V for customers to choose. The installation of the variable frequency speed control motor fan is simple and convenient, ready to use.

The frequency control motor fan has low noise and small vibration, large starting torque, small starting current, simple structure, stable operation, reliable use, convenient maintenance and wide application range. It is an AC, high-efficiency and energy-saving speed-regulating motor. It is a new mechatronics speed control product. It has obvious energy-saving effect, good speed regulation performance, wide speed regulation ratio and excellent fast response. Wide application range, high performance and price ratio.

The variable frequency speed regulating motor fan can smoothly stepless speed regulation in the range of 5-100Hz or even wider. The axial flow fan is installed separately, which has better cooling effect at different speeds, and the ambient air temperature varies with the season. But not more than 40 ° C; ambient air relative temperature is greater than 90%, the temperature is 25 ° C).