Food safety without air shower room purification equipment

- Oct 31, 2017-

Food safety is a cost, good raw materials to produce good products. In the formal food production enterprises, food raw materials are not only good quality, but also in accordance with the product variety and batch testing to leave samples; During the operation, every time workers enter the production workshop, they should change their slippers, changing clothes, disinfection in the disinfection pool, blowing out bacteria in the room, changing work shoes, this can ensure that production personnel are "sterile people" ... None of these costs can be saved. In a number of unannounced visits and law enforcement inspection, representatives in depth to more than 50 units and enterprises carried out a field inspection. The delegates felt that the food safety of the food and beverage enterprises in our city was guaranteed, but there were still many problems in small workshop enterprises. Members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress of Education Science and culture, director of the Zhang Haibing said: Unlicensed unlicensed small restaurants, small barbecue shops, small workshops, poor hygiene conditions, tableware disinfection measures, employees do not have a health certificate, there are serious safety risks, should be vigorously to rectify the governance.

Clean Air shower room is a sterile room necessary products, it effectively and quickly remove the clothes attached to the dust, hair, dandruff and other sundries, it can reduce the people in and out of the clean room caused by pollution problems. The two doors of the air shower room are electrically interlocked, which can play the role of the airlock, and prevent the outside pollution and clean air from entering the cleaning area. Eliminate the staff will be hair, dust, bacteria into the workshop, to the workplace to achieve strict dust-free purification standards, the production of high-quality products.