Filter unit of FFU fan of Wuxi Lantian special fan

- Oct 21, 2019-

The FFU fan is a superior product for various purification equipment. It is made of professional centrifugal fan, air filter and aluminum casing. After plugging in the power supply, the fan will draw air from the top of the FFU and then pump it through the fan. The air pressure high-efficiency filter will be filtered through the high-efficiency filter and sent out evenly. The FFU air filter has low noise, high effective value and can be used in modular connection.


FFU fans are widely used in clean rooms, clean benches, clean production lines, assembled clean rooms and local 100-level applications. FFU fan has the characteristics of energy saving, centralized computer control, stable operation, low noise, digital adjustment, etc. The shell can be made of cold plate electrostatic spray to make it beautiful.


Another advantage of the FFU fan is that the wind speed is uniform with a unique air duct, and the entire air outlet surface is evenly sent at a wind speed of 0. 45 m/s.


FFU fan filter unit housing has stainless steel plate, galvanized plate or steel plate paint. His control system is: air duct and uniform air system design, low noise and uniform wind speed.