FFU use range

- Nov 07, 2019-

FFU English is called (FanFilterUnit), and the Chinese professional term is fan filter unit.

FFU is suitable for dust-free workshops of 10~10000 grades, which is convenient for centralized control of overall operation;

FFU is suitable for manufacturers of semiconductors, electronics, flat panel displays and disk drives, as well as optical, bio-industry and other places where strict control of air pollution is required. Quickly occupy the market with a unique advantage and reasonable price.

The height is low and the air chamber space can be saved when the system is designed. Lightweight structure design, can meet the Grid system installation of various manufacturers, and can change the FFU structure size design according to the Grid system. Internal device diffuser. The wind pressure spreads evenly, and the wind speed on the wind surface is stable. The metal structure goes down the air duct and never ages. Eliminate secondary pollution, smooth surface and low wind resistance. Excellent sound insulation. Special air inlet and air duct design reduce pressure loss and noise. High motor efficiency, low system current consumption, and energy cost savings. The single-phase motor provides three-stage speed regulation, which can increase or decrease the wind speed and air volume according to actual conditions.