FFU's own filter equipment features

- Nov 28, 2019-

First: flexibility. Because the FFU is self-powered, it is not limited by the area. In a large clean factory, you can control the partition as needed. Moreover, with the changes in the semiconductor manufacturing process, the layout of the plant must be adjusted accordingly. The flexibility of the FFU makes such adjustments easy and does not bring secondary investment.


Second: Reusability. In theory, the FFU equipment that is not used for a while can be removed, sealed, and kept safely for the next use.


Third: negative pressure ventilation. This is a unique feature of the FFU. Because it can provide static pressure, the air supply static pressure box is under negative pressure relative to the clean workshop. In this way, the particles in the static pressure tank are not leaked into the clean area by the pressure, making the seal simple and safe.


Fourth: shorten the construction period. The use of the FFU eliminates the production and installation of the duct, because the duct takes up a large construction period in the cleansing project, and any investor hopes that the investment will bring benefits as soon as possible. The use of the FFU has become a possibility.


Fifth: reduce operating costs. Although the initial investment is higher than the air duct ventilation when using the FFU, it is characterized by energy saving and maintenance-free during the later operation.