FFU packaging requirements

- Nov 30, 2019-

1. The unit should be cleaned and dried before being packaged.

2. The unit package should be protected against moisture, dust and vibration.

3. There should be a product certificate, packing list and other documents in the package.

4. The product certificate shall include the inspection conclusion, the inspector's chapter and the inspection date.

5. The packing list should list all accessories.

6. Each model specification product shall provide at least one product specification, and the specification shall contain at least the following contents:

* Basic information, including product name, model specification, material, voltage, frequency, weight, etc.

* The main technical parameters, including the static pressure outside the machine under rated air volume, power, noise under rated air volume, should also indicate the speed, voltage, test conditions.

* Product performance curve, the unit performance curve that must be provided includes: air volume (wind speed) - external static pressure curve, air volume (wind speed) - power curve, the unit performance curve that should be provided includes: air volume (wind speed) - air efficiency Curve, air volume (wind speed) - energy efficiency index (EPI) curve. For the units operating in the split mode, the performance curve of the unit running under different gear positions should be given. For the stepless adjustable unit, at least three sets of performance curves should be given, including higher working conditions and 3/4 working conditions. For example, the high number of revolutions is 1800 rpm \ 1350 rpm and the performance curve at 900 rpm. The scope of work should be indicated in the curve.

* Product structure size chart and electrical circuit diagram

* Installation instructions, usage requirements

* Maintenance and precautions

* Standards adopted by the product