FFU installation guide

- Nov 26, 2019-

First, the FFU installation before the closing requirements:

1. The clean work area must be sealed.

2. All ceiling frames have been installed and leveled.

3. Each group of installers can be set to 6 people.

4. Installers should be equipped with uniform clean clothing to prevent artificial contamination of ffu cabinets and high-efficiency filters.


Second, the tools required to install the FFU:

Herringbone aluminum ladder (essential), corresponding size table, screwdriver and other tools.


Third, the staff allocation (two in a group):

The first group is on both sides of the ceiling above the ceiling and is responsible for installing the fan unit and the high efficiency filter.

The two sides of the second set of ceilings are installed on both sides of the ceiling, responsible for directly transferring the fan unit and HEPA directly to a group.

The third group is responsible for the transfer of the fan unit and HEPA to the second group of escalators and to the second group.


Fourth, the fan unit and high efficiency filter simple installation steps and precautions:

1. First of all, the fan unit is uploaded to the keel through the second and third groups. In this process, it is necessary to pay attention to the entrance at the entrance to prevent damage to the fan unit.

2. Transfer the HEPA filter to the keel in the same tilting manner and combine it with the keel. Because the filter element inside the filter frame is very fragile and fragile. In the installation and transmission process, you can only hold the frame of it, gently handle it, can not touch the internal filter element, and resolutely avoid collision with the filter element. In conjunction with the keel, note that the direction of the high-efficiency filter outlet should be facing downwards.

3, followed by the installation of the fan unit and HEPA, put the fan unit close to the place, the installation should be careful to prevent damage to HEPA. After installation, you must check that their bond is even and tight.