FFU fan unit advantages and features

- Jan 10, 2018-

For the user, the FFU fan unit is already modularly connected. So far, regardless of the clean room, or clean bench, clean production line, assembly clean room, and even the laminar flow hood and other applications can be based on the actual situation, the flexible use of FFU fan unit.


The advantages of the FFU fan unit:


In fact, FFU fan unit has shown great superiority in practical application. Particularly suitable for assembly into a clean production line. Users can choose to combine production needs alone, but also can be more than one device in series as an assembly line. Fan used in the unit is generally centrifugal fan centrifugal fan, the device has long life, low noise, maintenance-free, small vibration, stepless speed control and other advantages of performance.


Because of this, FFU fan unit can meet the requirements of different work environment, but also to provide users with a higher level of clean environment. In addition, it can reduce running noise, reduce vibration, but also can effectively save construction costs, is an ideal part of clean environment.


About the unique characteristics of FFU fan unit Description:


In actual application, FFU fan unit has exerted its own special low vibration and low noise characteristics, but also has excellent uniform air distribution performance; As for the wind speed, the user can be set to automatically constant as needed, Or is a level adjustment. The device not only has good mechanical properties, while running more stable and reliable, adjustable speed operation, low operating costs.


In addition, any FFU blower will undergo rigorous performance tests before it leaves the factory. To meet the high performance air filter performance requirements. In addition, according to the actual requirements of users, to produce a variety of non-standard size FFU fan.