FFU fan safety device and operation requirements

- Jul 26, 2018-

FFU fan needs to carefully read the fan's instruction manual and product samples during operation. To a certain extent, it is effective to familiarize with and understand the fan's specifications, form, impeller rotation direction and airflow direction. In good condition, otherwise it should be repaired before installation.

FFU fans must be equipped with safety devices during installation so that they can be effectively prevented from accidents and installed and wired by professionals familiar with the relevant safety requirements. The air duct connecting the inlet and outlet of the fan has separate support, and it is not allowed to add the overlapping weight of the pipeline to the components of the fan; the horizontal position of the fan should be paid attention to when installing the fan, and the connection between the joint surface of the fan and the foundation and the outlet duct should be adjusted. Make it natural and do not force the connection.

The distribution control box of the FFU fan must be matched with the corresponding fan. The fan wiring should have professional electrician wiring, and the wiring must be correct and reliable. In particular, the wiring number at the electric control box corresponds to the number on the fan terminal, and the fan casing It should be grounded reliably, the grounding must be reliable, and it is not possible to replace the grounding with zero.