FFU fan filter unit maintenance

- Oct 28, 2019-

FFU fan filter unit maintenance can improve the life of the FFU fan filter unit, saving the company a certain cost.


First, according to the cleanliness of the environment, the FFU fan filter unit replaces the filter (the initial effect is generally 1-6 months, the efficiency is generally 6-12 months, and the high efficiency filter is not cleanable).

2. Regularly (usually every two months) use a dust particle counter to measure the cleanliness of the clean area cleaned by this product. When the measured cleanliness does not match the required cleanliness, the cause should be identified (whether there is a leak, If the high efficiency filter has failed, etc.), if the high efficiency filter has failed, a new high efficiency filter should be replaced.

Third, when replacing the high efficiency filter and the primary effect filter, stop it.

Fourth, the FFU fan filter unit should pay attention to the following matters when replacing the high efficiency filter:

1. When replacing the high-efficiency filter with the FFU machine filter unit, special attention should be paid to ensuring that the filter paper is intact when unpacking, handling and installation. It is forbidden to touch the filter paper to cause damage.

2. Before the FFU is installed, the new high-efficiency filter is placed on the bright spot to visually observe whether the high-efficiency filter is damaged due to transportation or the like. If the filter paper is leaky, it cannot be used.

3. When the FFU replaces the high-efficiency filter, the box should be lifted first, then the failed high-efficiency filter should be taken out and replaced with a new high-efficiency filter. (Note that the airflow arrow mark of the high-efficiency filter should be consistent with the direction of the airflow from the purification unit. ), make sure the cover is sealed and return the cover to its original position.


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