FFU fan centrifugal impeller main features and advantages of use

- Apr 28, 2018-

FFU fan centrifugal impeller is mainly used in the production process of its imported direct-drive high efficiency multi-purpose low noise external centrifugal fan, in the operation process has a long life and low noise, maintenance-free, vibration and other advantages, When operating, it can achieve its inorganic speed control and other characteristics. FFU centrifugal fan impeller has a continuous working life of more than 30,000 hours, and the fan performance is stable. The special truncated-wing fan blade design can ensure that the air volume remains unchanged under the condition of high end-resistance of the over-consider filter, and extends the replacement period of the filter. Give users great economic benefits.

Vertical unidirectional flow manifold of FFU fan centrifugal impeller This is a widely used in its fields of pharmacy, chemical experiment, medical treatment and sanitation, etc. It can effectively provide a clean and clean working environment when performing operations. .

Main features of FFU fan centrifugal impeller

1.Vertical manifold, quasi-closed table, can effectively prevent external air flow induced and operating odor stimulation on the human body.

2. Adopt adjustable air volume fan system, touch switch to adjust the voltage to ensure that the working area wind speed is always in ideal condition.

3. Double-sided operation, use more flexible and convenient.

4. The work surface is imported stainless steel.

FFU centrifugal centrifugal impeller adopts its most advanced technology and can be applied to a variety of environments to obtain a high-level clean environment during the operation process. Mainly because of its different size, to a certain extent, there will be different levels of clean room, micro-environment to provide high-quality clean air.

FFU fan centrifugal impeller advantages

1. Unique low vibration, low noise.

2. Excellent air even distribution performance.

3 wind speed is automatically constant or step adjustment

4. Outstanding mechanical properties and reliability.

5. Filtration efficiency up to 99. 99% @ 0.3um The outer rotor retro-inclined centrifugal fan is a space-saving classic product that can drive air to exchange heat and cold in a variety of devices and systems. Minimized installation depth, low noise and excellent efficiency make them the best choice for you, especially for heat exchange air flow.