FFU centrifugal fan features and advantages

- Apr 11, 2018-

The FFU centrifugal fan has a long time and low noise when working. The whole equipment is maintenance-free and has little vibration. The FFU centrifugal fan can achieve stepless speed regulation to a certain extent. When the fan is running, the wind speed is uniform and installation is convenient. .

FFU centrifugal fan can realize its modular connection to a certain extent. In the process of operation, FFU is widely used in clean room, dustless operation platform, dust-free production line, assembly type clean room and local hundred-class applications. occasion.

In the FFU centrifugal fan, there will be effective first and advanced two-stage filter, and the fan will suck air from the top of the device and filter it through the initial and high-efficiency filter. The filtered clean air is 0.45M in the entire outlet surface. /S ± 20% of the wind speed is given at a uniform speed.

FFU centrifugal fans of different sizes, different cleanliness levels of clean room, micro-environment to provide high-quality clean air. In the newly-built clean room and clean plant type renovation and refurbishment, the cleanliness level can be improved, noise and vibration can be reduced, and the cost can be greatly reduced. The installation and maintenance are convenient, and it is an ideal component for a clean environment.

FFU centrifugal fan features

1. FFU centrifugal fan dimensions (mm): 1175*575*320, noise 52~56 dB.

2. The FFU centrifugal fan's cabinet and high-efficiency filter adopt split type design, installation and replacement are more efficient and convenient.

3. FFU centrifugal fan and has the characteristics of energy saving, computer centralized control, stable operation, low noise, and digital adjustment.

4. The FFU centrifugal fan adopts a unique air duct with uniform wind speed, and the entire air outlet surface is evenly fed with 0.45M/S wind speed.

5. FFU centrifugal fan housing can use mirror stainless steel, aluminum zinc plate, cold plate electrostatic spray system to make beautiful appearance.