Features of plastic centrifugal fan impeller and influence of wind speed

- May 17, 2018-

Plastic centrifugal fan impeller is usually used in some clean projects, and according to different occasions, they are made of rigid PVC or polypropylene plastic plates, mainly in chemical, metallurgy, electronics, chemical fiber, instrumentation, Electroplating, scientific research and other industries, the exclusion of corrosive gases such as acids or alkalis.


All the important components in the plastic centrifugal fan impeller, including the casing, impeller, and air inlet, are made of plastic plates, but this does not affect the working efficiency. It is a centrifugal fan made with other steel plates. As such, it has a high work efficiency.


Plastic centrifugal fan impeller can be divided into right-handed and left-handed two major categories, from the side of the motor face, and the impeller clockwise rotation, known as the right-hand fan; while the impeller rotates counterclockwise, known as the left-hand fan. The position of the outlet of the fan is represented by the outlet angle of the casing. Its adjustment range is controlled from 0 to 225 degrees, and the interval is 45 degrees.


In practical applications, the wind speed of the plastic centrifugal fan impeller will have a great impact on the filtering effect. In most cases, the lower the wind speed of the plastic centrifugal fan impeller is, the better the air filter is. The diffusion effect of small particle size dust is obvious, the wind speed is low, and the time for the airflow to stay in the filter material is longer. Some dust will have more chance to hit the obstacle, so the filtration efficiency is high.


Experience has shown that for high-efficiency air filters, the wind speed of plastic centrifugal fan blades is reduced by half, the dust transmission rate is reduced by nearly one order of magnitude, the wind speed is doubled, and the transmission rate increases by an order of magnitude. Similar to the effect of diffusion, when the filter material is electrostatically charged, the longer the dust is retained in the filter material, the greater the possibility of adsorption by the material. And changing the wind speed of the plastic centrifugal fan impeller, the filtering efficiency of electrostatically charged materials will change significantly.


It is difficult for the average user to actually observe the influence of the wind speed of the plastic centrifugal fan impeller on the filtration efficiency, but it is much easier to observe the influence of the wind speed on the resistance. For a high-efficiency filter, the velocity of airflow through the filter is generally 0.01 to 0.04 m/s. In this range, the resistance of the filter is proportional to the amount of filtered air.