Fan for Air Shower Maintenance Contents and Specific Methods

- Jun 06, 2018-

In actual work, the so-called air shower fan is mainly used to input the mechanical energy, to achieve the increase of gas pressure, and complete the gas discharge. As a driven fluid machine, the plugging of the air shower fan will directly affect the operation of the entire mechanical process. Therefore, it is very important for the user to maintain and maintain the equipment. So how do you perform maintenance operations?


First of all, it is to do daily lubrication and maintenance, including the following: 1, daily check the Fan for Air Shower oil, if found to be insufficient to add in time, pay attention, should choose the appropriate lubricant; 2, daily check whether the oil is mixed Deterioration of moisture and other dirt, such as deterioration, please change the engine oil; 3, after long-term decommissioning, and then re-use must first check whether the connection part is solid and reliable, and after the trial operation can be formally used.


Secondly, during the use of air showers, it is necessary to check the frequency of the initial filter of the air shower in combination with the frequency of use. The main reason is to check if the air filter is dirty, and if necessary, clean it in time. The specific method is: remove the air filter, unscrew the wing nut, remove the cover, and clean the filter sponge. Note that when removing the filter, be careful not to drop dirt into the fan unit.


Third, in the process of using air showers, workers also need to constantly check whether there is any problem of oil leakage or air leakage. Pay attention to the usual repair work should be done, and promptly notify the professionals to deal with. In short, the air shower room should be regularly cleaned, kept clean and well ventilated to ensure that it can meet production requirements.


In addition to these basic contents, it is also necessary to constantly check the operation status of the air shower fan and the motor. If noise or temperature is found to be abnormal, it must be stopped and overhauled in time. Doing these maintenance work well will ensure the long-term stable operation of the air shower fan. In this way, higher work efficiency will also be achieved in practical work.