Fan for Air Purifier Selection Tips

- Jun 19, 2018-

At present, most air purifiers use filter technology. We can regard it as a combination of Fan for Air Purifier and filter. During its operation, the micro-fan in the machine agitates the indoor air. Under the action of the air purifier blower, the particulate matter in the air is adsorbed on the filter net, so that the particulate matter in the air begins to be reduced, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning the indoor air. .


From this it can be seen that the actual effect of the air purifier often depends mainly on the filter and the Fan for Air Purifier. In other words, for most air purifiers, the difference in their quality mainly lies in the number of layers of the filter, the quality of the material and the quality of the fan. The fan is equivalent to the spear of the air purifier, so it is very important to choose the correct fan.


Under normal circumstances, an excellent air purifier product will often have more activated carbon, multi-layer non-woven filter, the resistance generated by these filters is not a challenge for the performance of Fan for Air Purifier. It is usually required that the fan used should be able to ensure that a large amount of clean air can still be output under the resistance of a few hundred Pa, and at the same time generate a lower noise as much as possible.


According to the analysis of the current situation, Fan for Air Purifiers mainly include two types, namely centrifugal fans and axial fans. The operating characteristics of the axial fan are that the air volume and the air pressure are relatively small. The centrifugal fan's airflow enters the fan shaft, and then the air is blown out. A vacuum is formed inside the fan casing, and the outside air is sucked in, and the air volume and pressure are relatively large.


So compared to centrifugal fan as an Fan for Air Purifier has a greater advantage. This is because it not only overcomes the large resistance caused by the high-efficiency particulate filter + activated carbon, but it can still output a considerable amount of clean air. Of course, when using an air purifier blower, special design of the air duct structure is also required to make it perform its desired performance while operating at a low noise level.