Effective measures to prevent and slow down the corrosion of medium pressure fans

- Jun 12, 2019-

In order to prevent and slow down the corrosion of medium pressure fans used in industry, it is important to choose the material. Different models are required because of different materials and separation requirements. After the model and main parameters are determined, according to the corrosion resistance of different materials in different environments, comprehensive physical and chemical properties, cost performance and other factors, the strength component materials are determined from the basic surface. From the material itself, the target material it targets is safe.


Secondly, the mechanism design of the medium pressure fan, an excellent design can extend the service life of the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment. For the structural design, the design defects most likely to accelerate corrosion are stress concentration tendency and gap environment, sometimes in the metal soaking solution. The corrosion rate is small; however, the formation of the gap will cause severe crevice corrosion due to changes in the chemical and electrochemical states of the internal solution.


The surface protection measures of medium-pressure fans must also be strengthened. Surface treatment methods such as flanges, galvanizing, chrome plating, and electroless plating are often used. These methods are effective in many environments, but for rotating parts, one must pay attention to one. Important phenomenon: the base material and the coating are two materials, and the coefficient of linear expansion is different, which will produce different deformation amount when the rotating member is elastically deformed, thereby causing a large number of microcracks; if the above phenomenon exists, Will accelerate the formation of corrosion. Therefore, the method of surface protection for rotating parts should be used with caution.