Dynamic performance and flow amplitude of Backward Impeller Centrifugal Fan

- Mar 21, 2019-

The Backward Impeller Centrifugal Fan will have high aerodynamic performance, large air volume and low pressure during operation. The efficiency is high when it is used. Generally, the efficiency of the centrifugal fan of the backward-oriented impeller can reach 80%. -90%, so it is widely used, and because of its non-scaling characteristics, it is widely used in industrial, chemical, power plants and other fields.


The process of the rear-diameter centrifugal fan is relatively high. The rear-wing airfoil blade is called the rear wing type blade because its blade section is the same as the wing. Due to its unique structural characteristics, it is required in the production process. The process is very strict, and the unique blade form enables the power variation to maintain a certain range under large flow conditions, which has a certain protection effect on the safety of the fan equipment.


The rear-wheel impeller centrifugal fan has different working environments and working conditions during operation, and the requirements for the impeller form of the centrifugal fan are different. It is best to consult with a professional before purchasing a fan to select the most suitable impeller type. Of course, when the centrifugal fan is running, the user also needs to pay attention to proper maintenance and maintenance, reduce the failure rate, and prolong its service life and increase the profit.