Dust removal requirements and design capabilities of dust exhaust blower fan

- Nov 29, 2018-

Dust-removing fan is a new type of equipment. To a certain extent, with the economic development of China and the continuous innovation of product technology, the use of such equipment has become more and more common. The adjustment of the air volume and pressure of this equipment, everyone Let's take a look.


The air volume is based on the requirements of the dust removal point, taking into account the 10-20% margin. The wind pressure is the negative pressure of the dust cover hood + the pressure loss of the pipeline + the pressure loss of the dust collector, and the wind pressure reserve is increased by 10-15%. The parameters in the fan technical parameter table are the standard condition parameters, and the actual selection should be changed to the working condition parameters.


The air volume of the dust removal fan is the design capability. Generally, there is no need to adjust. If there is an air volume adjustment valve on the main air duct, the valve opening degree can be adjusted. Generally, there are manual and electric butterfly valves in the air inlet. The larger the fan air volume, the larger the load, and the more likely the fan motor is overloaded. To a certain extent, the permeability of the filter bag is not good or blocked, and the wind volume of the fan is too small, and the load is too large, causing the motor to overload. There is also a case where the pulse valve plate on the top of the dust removal and the cylinder are detached, so that a gas chamber does not work, and it is necessary to recover in time.