Dust Exhaust Centrifugal Fan Structure of The Composition

- Dec 26, 2017-

Dust exhaust centrifugal fan belongs to a large flow fan, suitable for coal mine surface excavator or other dust removal sites, dust gas can be effectively purified. Dedusting centrifugal fan has the advantages of durable, high efficiency, low noise, so its application is also more and more widely.


In fact, dust centrifugal fan can also be used for indoor ventilation, dust and so on. Of course, and other mechanical equipment can be used as a gas circulation device, such as fuel injection room, furniture factory dust, electronic solder, hot air circulation. In use, need to pay attention to the selection of gas temperature and environmental conditions.


Below we have a brief look at the main structure of the centrifugal fan on dust, the device includes the main components of the impeller, chassis, air inlet, motor and so on. In addition to these components, there are also transmission parts. Among them, the impeller is usually made up of ten posterior wing blades, curvilinear front plate and flat plate rear plate, the selected material is high quality steel plate, and has undergone dynamic and static balance correction successively so that not only can the stable operation be maintained, At the same time, it can also guarantee a high working efficiency and maintain a smooth operation.


For dust centrifugal fan equipment, the chassis part of the same very important part. Under normal circumstances, its chassis includes two different forms of structure, that is, monolithic and separate. The inlet is located on one side of the fan, parallel to the axial cross-section curve switch role is to make the air flow into the impeller, and less damage.


Dust exhaust centrifugal fan equipment, the normal operation, can not be separated from the transmission part of the support, the transmission part is mainly composed of the spindle, bearing housing, flow bearings, pulleys or couplings. Users in the use of centrifugal fan dust removal equipment, the scene can be adjusted according to the appropriate outlet angle.