Dust Exhaust centrifugal fan reliability and fan vibration requirements

- Jul 07, 2018-

The first use of the dust-removing centrifugal fan is mainly from its start. Sometimes, there is a problem that the start-up failure or the start-up time is very long. If the motor is not dragged, the safety mechanism setting value is checked. If the motor rated power is too low, replace the motor; if the starting procedure is not correct, adjust the starting equipment. If the power consumption is too large when starting, verify that the gas flow control mechanism is in the closed position when starting.


In many cases, the dust-removing centrifugal fan will find that its impeller will always consume energy in vain, and the gas will effectively pass through the leakage between the front cover and the collector to form a recurrent activity. A certain gap must be maintained between the front cover of the dust Exhaust  centrifugal fan and the current collector and between the casing and the rotating shaft. To ensure the reliability of the fan rotation. This can greatly alleviate this


The most common problem in the use of dust-removing centrifugal fans is the vibration of the fan. It is not a simple matter to solve this problem fundamentally, but if the fan speed is reduced, this is a very good method. The effect is also the most significant.