Dust exhaust blower fan working principle and operating characteristics

- May 09, 2018-

The dust exhaust blower fan can suck away the dust of the workshop during the operation, so that it can prevent the inhalation of the human body to a certain extent, which is more conducive to health. The working principle of the dust removal fan and the centrifugal fan in the general case is basically In the same way, when the impeller rotates at high speed, the air in each part of the impeller is also driven to rotate together. At this time, the air at the center of the impeller will be thrown toward the edge of the impeller due to the centrifugal force, and a vacuum is formed at the center of the impeller. .

To a certain extent, the dust exhaust blower fan will continuously flow into the center of the impeller because of the external air flowing under the effect of the pressure difference, so that the fan can, to a certain extent, have a certain degree of suction air intake. Capacity, because the speed of air leaving the impeller blades in the rotation is much greater than the airflow velocity in the space around the impeller, which makes the gas part of the kinetic energy in the movement into static pressure energy, in the process of kinetic energy conversion to static pressure energy, the fan's The hood space is exposed to positive pressure, so that the fan has the ability to transfer gas into the introduction.

The dust-removing winder effectively converts part of the kinetic energy in the guide wheel into static pressure energy, and then effectively flows into the motor, which can simultaneously dissipate heat to the motor during operation. Finally, it is effectively pressed through the outlet and used safely and reliably. Explosion-proof draw-out fan power, using water as a purification machine, low resistance, low noise, explosion-proof and safe.

The dust removal fan can fully exert its three dust removal functions of water film, water drop and water bath to a certain degree, and it will rely on its inertial collision, filtration, diffusion, condensation and the like to capture the dust in the air flow during the operation, and purify the working surface. Air, improve the working environment.

In the process of production, the dust exhaust blower fan mainly adopts a unique high-efficiency and high-adaptive dust removal technology. When the operation is performed, the water consumption is small and the dewatering rate is high. In the process of using the dust fan, water resources can be effectively saved, and the sewage is discharged regularly. Changing the water will not cause pollution to the operating environment.