Double inlet radial fan installation process and specifications

- May 03, 2018-

In the process of starting work, the double inlet radial fan needs to carefully read its fan manual and product samples to a certain extent. To a certain extent, it is familiar with and understands the specifications and form of the fan, the direction of rotation of the impeller, and the air flow. Incoming and outgoing directions, etc., to a certain extent, effectively check whether the components of each fan are in good condition; otherwise, they should be installed and used after the repair.

The double inlet radial fan must have a safety device during the installation process, so that it can effectively prevent accidents from occurring to a certain extent. To a certain extent, it will be installed by a person familiar with relevant safety requirements. Wiring, the wind pipe connecting the inlet and outlet of the fan has a separate support, and it is not allowed to add the pipe overlap weight to the components of the fan.

In the process of installation, the double inlet radial fan needs to pay attention to the horizontal position of the fan. When operating, the connection between the fan surface and the joint surface of the fan and the air outlet pipe needs to be adjusted, and to a certain degree, the natural fan is naturally matched. To a certain extent, it must not be forced to join.

After the double inlet radial fan is installed, it can effectively use the hand or the lever to move the impeller during the manufacturing process, to effectively check whether there is overtightness or friction phenomenon to some extent, and whether there is any object that hinders rotation. No abnormal operation is allowed before the test run. The exposed part of the fan drive should have a protective cover (user-supplied). If the air intake of the fan is not connected to the pipe, a protective net or other mounting device must be added.

In the double inlet radial fan, the distribution box of the fan must match the fan to a certain extent. The wiring of the fan should be connected by a professional electrician. The wiring must be correct and reliable, especially the wiring number at the electric control box and the terminal of the fan. The numbers above correspond to each other. The fan casing should be reliably grounded and the grounding must be reliable. Zero can not be used instead of grounding.

To a certain extent, the double inlet radial fan must have a reliable grounding of the outer shell of its product. To a certain extent, it is forbidden to rotate in the opposite direction, to prohibit the operation of over-rated current, to prohibit the lack of phase operation, and to prohibit the maintenance of the fan during operation.