Detailed specifications of the FFU fan

- Oct 18, 2019-

FFU fan dimensions (mm): 1175*575*340

The noise should not exceed 50 decibels; wind speed: evenly delivered at a wind speed of 0. 451m/s


The FFU fan adopts the German ebm direct-drive centrifugal fan and has a working time of more than 50,000 hours. The shell can be made of mirror stainless steel, aluminum alloy and cold plate electrostatic spray to make it beautiful. The metal structure of the FFU fan is in the air duct liner and will never age. Eliminate secondary pollution, smooth surface and low wind resistance. Excellent sound insulation. Special air inlet and air duct design reduce pressure loss and noise. High motor efficiency, low system current consumption, and energy cost savings. The single-phase motor provides three-stage speed regulation, which can increase or decrease the wind speed and air volume according to actual conditions.


FFU fan has the characteristics of energy saving, centralized computer control, stable operation, low noise and digital adjustment;


The company uses professional technology and a young team in the FFU fan. We have always adhered to the customer-oriented philosophy to make every product, which is the customer's hand when using the product. You can call our company and look forward to your call to discuss with us! I wish you a happy work.