Design process and performance adjustment of small centrifugal fans

- Nov 22, 2018-

Small centrifugal fans are usually given the conditions of volume flow, full pressure, working medium and its density (or working medium temperature), and sometimes structural requirements and special requirements. The requirements for centrifugal fan design are mostly: the operating point that meets the required flow and pressure should be near the highest efficiency point.

The maximum efficiency of the Small Centrifugal Fans should be as large as possible. The efficiency curve should be flat when in use. The stable working range of the pressure curve should be wide during operation. The fan structure is simple and the process performance is good. The material and accessories are very convenient. .

The small centrifugal fans will have sufficient rigidity, work safety and strength to a certain extent. The operation of the whole equipment is very stable and the noise is low. It can adjust the performance during use, and its work adaptability is strong; the fan size is as small as possible and the weight is small. Light; easy to operate and maintain, easy to disassemble and transport.

Small centrifugal fans often have contradictions between aerodynamic performance and structure (strength, process), and usually need to grasp the main contradictions and coordinate solutions. This requires the designer to choose a reasonable design to solve the main contradiction. As the use of fans is different, the requirements are different. For example, the fans used in public buildings are generally used for ventilation and ventilation. The most important requirement is low noise. Multi-blade centrifugal fans have this feature.