Design features and application fields of double inlet radial fan

- Sep 08, 2018-

The double inlet radial fan is a gas-tight and pressure-resistant centrifugal fan, which is divided into single-stage and multi-stage, and is based on a modular system. The standardized components and tailor-made design concept can guarantee the conformity of the craftsman. Under the conditions of the situation, to provide customers with a variety of economical and practical equipment types.


The double inlet radial fan is characterized by its rugged design and endurance. It has outstanding double-inlet radial fan performance against pressure and corrosion, providing a good foundation for applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Due to the high safety and high quality standards of the double inlet radial fan, it meets the internationally accepted standards and regulations, and meets the specific needs of customers, transporting and compressing air and process gases containing hazardous and explosive components.


Therefore, the double inlet radial fan can be used in high static pressure industrial applications where the air volume is relatively low, without reducing the impeller width. Because the unique impeller design provides maximum strength and stability for conveying hot, viscous and particulate-containing air streams, including material transfer, product drying, air pollution control, fluidized bed aeration, glass blowing, fabric fiber drawing, and combustion air , gas boost, high pressure industrial process systems and scrubber exhaust.